The AWV-300 SS (stainless steel) water vendor is a coin operated water dispenser that is housed in a steel cabinet with a 16-gauge stainless steel cabinet face. The machine requires a 42¼” High x 32¼” Wide rough cut opening in a building wall, or reinforced window frame, for installation. The machine connects to a pretreated water supply. The AWV-300SS maximizes profits with 24-hour per day water sales. The stainless steel surface has a sleek appearance, and is easy to clean.

The over-sized vend compartment has an adjustable stainless steel shelf to accommodate 1, 3, or 5-gallon containers. The instruction cover and vend compartment door are constructed of Lexan, an extremely resilient polycarbonate. Available currency systems may include U.S. coin mechanism, foreign coin mechanism, token mechanism, and/or US currency bill validator.     

The AWV-300SS is the ideal choice for water and ice stores, kiosk buildings, car wash stations or any other location where a reverse osmosis, or purified water production is available.


Arizona Water Vendors’ NAMA certified RO water production systems will provide sufficient water supply to any water vending machine, or Ice & Water vending kiosk. The RP-1600 is equipped with dual 4”x 21” RO membranes to produce 1600 gpd of reverse osmosis drinking water, while the RP-3200 is equipped with dual 4” x 40” membranes for 3200 gpd. The RP (“remote processor”) systems are conveniently mounted on a fiberglass back-board which is easily mounted to an interior wall of any vending kiosk or store.  The “RP” systems are equipped with automatic membrane back-flush that releases the captured particulate from the membrane body to increase overall life of the membrane element. A sturdy ½ hp motor and rotary vane pump provide the back pressure on the membrane to offer an excellent rate of water production. Sediment pre-filtration, as well as all solenoids and pressure gauges are included on the system. Since water storage requirements are different for every vending location, we offer a variety of water tank sizes, shapes, and configurations to accommodate a variety of kiosk space constraints. 

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