About AZ Water Vendors

Arizona Water Vendors, Inc. has been manufacturing some of the highest quality ice and water vending equipment in the industry since 1987. We are the only fully INTERTEK and NAMA certified ice and water machine manufacturer on the market.

When you purchase one of our quality machines, you'll receive a machine that has all top of the line components built into it.

Every unit we produce is specifically designed for maximum performance and profitability for our customers. With everything from MDB technology to live monitoring packages for your machines, you’ll watch your profits increase with a machine from Arizona Water Vendors.

Whether you choose one of our custom built AWV-300-SS water windows or the AWV-505 Ice and Water Kiosk... you're making one of the smartest investments you'll ever make. If you’re looking to upgrade your existing units, we offer a full line of parts and accessories for your water vending machines.

We're not only the manufacturer, we are our own customer. We operate our machines in the field just like our customers, so that we know exactly what you expect from us.

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